Georgia on Ice

It was winter in Dubai (yes, they call it winter here at 14-23 degrees Celsius) when my friends and I decided to try scouting on chilly places. Being raised in a tropical country, the Philippines, makes us always wonder how it feels like to be in the snow. Then one day we spontaneously decided to book tickets, … Continue reading Georgia on Ice


Mythical Athens Part 2

Kalimera/Calimera (Good morning/Good day)! Kalispera (Good afternoon/evening)! Efcharisto (Thank you)! Parakalo (You're welcome)! These are basic Greek expressions which my friend Kristen and her husband Stelios taught me while we were staying in Athens last year and I still can't forget them up to this day. Well I don't know until when will my memory be so … Continue reading Mythical Athens Part 2

Mythical Athens Part 1

Athens, known as the capital and largest city of Greece is a no-brainer. Almost everybody is familiar with it. Yet for those not acquainted, let me guide you through. Greece is one of the world's popular tourist destinations in the world. It is located in Southeastern Europe and was very influential in ancient times. It … Continue reading Mythical Athens Part 1