5 Unforgettable Moments That Happened During My Trips


I have been hibernating for quite some time now and I miss writing every now and then; I just don’t have the time and I run out of ideas all the time. Ha!

Today I will be sharing to you my “unforgettable experiences” or shall I say moments that I never expected but turned out to be good. One thing is for sure, we always learn; and when we learn, we become a better version of ourselves.

So to keep you going, here is my funny/shallow/needsaplanB/inspiring list.

1. I was granted a Schengen Visa.


Jumping for Joy at the Acropolis

It was not so special because of course, it’s only a visa, hello? What made it memorable to me is the fact that I never imagined I would be landing on Europe soil for a holiday. I came from a very small hometown and I only had a simple dream, and that is to ride an airplane someday. Little did I know I would be flying coach very often.

Dreams do come true besh!


2. I learned several countries that were not on my vocabulary.


The Georgian Flag

It was boarding time in Athens airport when me and my friend Jessa were sitting on the bench contemplating about life. She jokingly told me, “let’s go to Georgia next time”. Shame on me I didn’t want to go because I don’t know where this place is. Haha! Only to realize it’s just 3 hours from Dubai and it is close to Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and the like.

Time to review our atlas people!

3. I reluctantly cancelled my trip.


Me on My Plan B

When I went back home to the Philippines this year, I had my plans laid out. From a calendar full of to-do-list, to hotel reservations and plane tickets. It was all prepared because I was planning to bring my mother to Cagayan de Oro to visit the Divine Mercy Shrine. Alas, there was an ongoing war near that area and security was heightened. Frightened for everybody’s safety, I cancelled everything and made a plan B instead.


4. I realized I am not afraid to die.

Windy Georgia Blew Us Away

Georgia Airport. The wind was too strong when we arrived in the departures for our flight to Dubai. It was too windy that I did not think it would affect our trip; I was just busy with something else, looking for souvenirs. Ugh.

When we were about to board the plane, the aircraft was shaking. Yes, it’s that strong. When we started to ascend, the plane was struggling to lift itself. It was fighting with the strong wind for several minutes. Everybody else were screaming; and on my side Jessa and Lorraine were holding hands. I was laughing at them. I know, I’m rude. But maybe it was just because I did not have trust issues with the pilots. I know they are used to the scenario and I know somebody is watching us from above and He will not forsake us. Good thing the traumatic turbulence stopped and we were able to sleep for the rest of the flight.


5. I fell in love.


Admiring the Dubai Desert

It was never planned nor imagined, but cupid hit me hard even though it’s not Valentine’s Day. As what the cliché says, the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. Meeting someone who is also a traveler in one of your travels is truly travel-worthy! Pak!


Cheese Because I’m Starting to Get Cheesy

There could be tons of memories in your life and some of them definitely leaves a spot in you that you cannot erase. Reasons could be: it devastated you, it was a first time, or it made you happy, truly happy.

The important thing about experiences is that we learn. If it was a bad memory, at least we learned from it and try to avoid committing mistakes the next time around; if it was a good one, then savor it and keep the demeanor of a delighted heart.

Until next time! Log on to www.thepinkmind.com for more updates!



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