Travel Guide: Campuestohan Highland Resort and The Ruins


If you are a fan of the outdoors, a nature lover and an adventure freak, you would definitely be thrilled of this 5-hectare tourist destination in Negros Occidental. Located right in the boundaries of Bacolod City and Talisay City, Campuestohan highland resort is a grassy wonderland that not only the children would love and enjoy but also adults – and the not so adults! Am talking ’bout grannies! I brought mine in this spectacular haven and they did enjoy! Except for all the rides though, they were seated on their benches watching us play. 😉


The resort is about 30-45 minutes drive from Bacolod or Talisay City and is accessible via taxi, van rental or a private car. Guests can also take a jeep from Burgos Market, Bacolod going to Brgy. Alangilan then tricycle going to Campuestohan Highland Resort.

If you are planning to go on a day tour, the resort is open from 7am-6pm and is open from Monday-Sunday. Parking space for those bringing their own cars are on a first come-first serve basis.




Entrance Fee (Per Person) – Php 150 (Children 2 years old and below are exempted from paying entrance fee and from headcount. However, if child is over 2 years, the child is subject to paying entrance fee at the same rate as adults.)

Big Cottage – Php 1,000 (Good for 20 persons)

Small Cottage – Php 600 (12-15persons)

Wave Pool Cottage – Php 700 (Good for 15 persons)

Umbrella Hut – Php 500 (Good for 10 persons)



A. Log Cabin Good for 3 persons P 3,000.00
– Free entrance fee and breakfast for 3 persons

– Maximum of 6 persons (lodging)

B. Log Cabin Good for 4 persons P 4,000.00
– Free entrance fee and breakfast for 4 persons

– Maximum of 8 persons (lodging)

C. Log Cabin Good for 5 persons P 5,000.00
– Free entrance fee and breakfast for 5 persons

– Maximum of 10 persons (lodging)


The Log Cabin and The Kung Fu Panda

D. Bonita Hut P 2,500.00

– Good for 4 persons.

– Maximum of 6 persons. Free entrance for 4 persons


The Bonita Hut and The Morena Hottie

E. Teepee Hut Family Room P 5,000.00

– Free entrance fee and breakfast for 6 persons
– Air-conditioned


The Indian village fully equipped with modern cooling system, the air conditioners. 🙂

F. King Kong Room P 6,000.00

– Free entrance fee and breakfast for 6 persons
– Air-conditioned
– Loft type


This giant ape is not just a structure but is a home in itself. Yes you can sleep inside King Kong!


A. Zipline – P200.00/person

B. Rope Course – P200.00/person

C. Sky Bicycle – P 100.00/person (one-way)

D. Horseback Riding – P150.00/person (15 minutes)

E. Hamster Wheel – P 100.00/person

F. Grand Carousel P 30.00/person

G. Mini Train P 30.00/person

There is, however, a maximum weight limit for guests who would want to participate in the Zip Line & Rope Course which is 120 kilograms, 90 kilograms for Sky Bicycle and Cable Hamster Wheel.


Cousins Francheska and Juliana on the ropes.



Human hamsters trying to get to the finish line.



Cousins Gwen, Jasmine, Tiffany and Me. Well, I was left behind. I was a coward that day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every adventure requires a free spirit to indulge and seize the so-called adrenaline rush; yet in my monument, at that time, I was trying to fight with the coward in me either to take that sky bicycle ride or not. I was shookt and became a scaredy cat. I declined and gave that Php 100 a goodbye. ;D



The Ruins is the ancestral home mansion based on an Italian architecture of the family of wealthy sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson who built it in early 1900s, in memory of his Portuguese wife Maria Braga Lacson who had died during the 11th child birth. It was constructed on a 440-hectare plantation in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. It was burnt down by the American colonial masters during the World War II to prevent its use as military office by the invading Japanese forces. It burnt for 3 days to its current empty cement shell.


We were lost. Well, kinda. It took us a long time to find this ancient architecture. I wasn’t sure if we took the wrong road; all I know is that we could not find any sign leading us to the mansion. Alas, we found a simple sign near a sugar plantation coined “The Acropolis Gardens”. Desperate to see the venue, we proceeded and right just before sunset, we reached the site. Turned out we were taking the road less traveled. Literally.

So guys, here is the exact route. 

From the airport, take a shuttle to Bacolod and tell the driver to drop you off at The RUINS. It is along the way to Bacolod City from the airport.

By private car or taxi, from the airport, take the access road to the airport going south to Bacolod City. Turn right to Don Mariano L. Lacson Highway (5th intersection) and in about 900 meters you will arrive at The RUINS.

From Bacolod City, take a jeepney ride to BATA and get off at Robinson’s Mall. Walk to GO Hotel and take a shuttle from there to The RUINS.

By private car or taxi, take Lacson Street going north to Talisay City. After the flyover at the CERES North Terminal and PEPSI bottling plant, turn right towards the mountains on Don Mariano L. Lacson Highway and in about 2.3 kms. you will arrive at The RUINS.

The Rate

As of May 2017, the historical site’s entrance fee is Php 100. But it does not just stop there. You can dine, take a tour, enjoy  nature and bask yourself in their pond of fishes.


With the famous tour guide, Roger, explaining about the mansion’s history.
Their ice cream fits the ancient history too!


IMG_2884IMG_2885FullSizeRender 4

This lovely tree is beautifully sprouting from an abandoned tower.



Magnificent Italian architecture at it’s finest.

This Ruins in Bacolod, Negros Oriental is famous for its heritage landmark and is also known as  the “Taj Mahal” of Negros. It was built in loving memory of a sugar baron’s wife that is still present and felt up to this day.

Head now to Bacolod and tell me your travel stories! 😉

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