Château de Versailles Day Tour


Château de Versailles, or simply Versailles, is a royal château in the region of Île-de-France. It is the former French royal residence and centre of government, now a national landmark. Versailles was the seat of political power in the Kingdom of France from 1682, when King Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris, until the royal family was forced to return to the capital in October 1789, within three months after the beginning of the French Revolution.

The Palace of Versailles is on every itinerary’s trip to Paris. Well, maybe not for me. I was only dreaming and hoping to see the Eiffel Tower and how it sparkles at night. Good thing my friend and researcher Jessa booked us the Palace for a day. Yes, you need to vacate a day of your trip since the palace is located 17 kilometers from the center of Paris!

I will be giving you a tour of what’s it like inside. Get in now and buckle your seat belts! The lavish and luxurious Palace will surely blow you away and experience how it feels like to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

The Palace

IMG_8694.JPGThe original residence was primarily a hunting lodge and private retreat for Louis XIII and his family. Its walls are preserved today as the exterior facade overlooking the Marble Court.IMG_8441.JPGTip: Make sure to proceed to the gardens first! The garden is open from 8am and will definitely, I say definitely, save you from the long queue!

Place d’Armes

IMG_8698.JPGTo the east of the palace is the Place d’Armes, a wide plaza that in the 21st century served mainly as a parking lot to accommodate the thousands of tourists who visited Versailles each day.IMG_8696.JPGIn the centre of the Place d’Armes, facing the Avenue de Paris, is a bronze equestrian statue of Louis XIV.

The Hall of Mirrors

IMG_8703.JPGThe gallery, which is the most famous room in the palace, extends more than 230 feet (70 metres) and is characterized by 17 wide arcaded mirrors opposite 17 windows that overlook the gardens below. IMG_8700Glass chandeliers adorn the arched, ornately painted ceiling.


The Rooms

IMG_8707.JPGVersailles, which is capable of holding up to 20,000 people, has 700 rooms, more than 2,000 windows, 1,250 chimneys, and 67 staircases.

IMG_8705.JPGNot only did the immediate royal family reside there, but the palace also housed many members of the French nobility, as well as all official government offices.IMG_8710.JPGBedroom in the Louis XIV style, Grand Trianon, Palace of Versailles, France.

The Layout

IMG_8712.JPGThe title of “world’s largest royal domain,” as measured by the total area of the property, goes to the Palace of Versailles in France. Versailles’s grounds cover 87,728,720 square feet (8,150,265 m2), or 2,014 acres, including 230 acres of gardens. The palace itself contains 721,206 square feet (67,002 m2) of floorspace.IMG_8714.jpgThe palace alone is 7 hectares. Yes, you read that right.

Tip: Always wear comfortable footwear especially when you plan on walking the entire day! I was wearing ballet flats and I know it’s not best for flat footed individuals like me. So I went home walking crooked.

The Details

IMG_8716.JPGIn here, all that glitters is gold.IMG_8718.JPGIMG_8720.JPGIMG_8722.JPGMarble staircases were worn out through time.

The Gardens

IMG_8724.JPGUndeniably my favorite part of the tour, yes the gardens! IMG_8726.JPGBy the time our tour was over, we were exhausted. The sad thing is we haven’t even covered half of the Palace!

Tip: Rent small electronic vehicles to help you keep moving and avoid wasting your time touring the area. Vehicles are equipped with a geolocation system and an audio guide in 8 languages. Rates: €34 per vehicle per hour, €8.50 per additional 15 minutes, discount for disabled people (-40%) and Subscribers (-20%).

Here are the tips on how to reach the palace:

  • A round trip to Versailles by train cost 7,1€ per person and this price makes it the cheapest way to reach the castle.
  • The Palace is open every day except Mondays from 9.00 am, but the estate of Trianon and the Coach Gallery only open in the afternoon.
  • RER line C arrives at Versailles Château – Rive Gauche train station, just 10 minutes’ walk to the Palace.
  • SNCF trains from Gare Montparnasse arrive at Versailles Chantiers train station, which is 18 minutes on foot to the Palace.
  • SNCF trains from Gare Saint Lazare arrive at Versailles Rive Droite train station, 17 minutes on foot to the Palace.
  • Purchase two ticket (two-way trip) from your point of departure to the Versailles train station, or use a pass (Navigo, Mobilis or Paris Visite) covering zones 1 to 4, if you come from Paris.
  • The Palace of Versailles is only a 13-minutes walk away from the train station. Pick an exit and follow the signs to the Chateau de Versailles.

from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
closed on Mondays

Estate of Trianon
from 12:00 pm to 5:30 pm
closed on Mondays

from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Address: Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France
Area: 17 acres
Opened: May 6, 1682
Architectural style: French Baroque architecture
Phone: +33 1 30 83 78 00
Architects: Louis Le Vau, Jules Hardouin-Mansart



I hope you enjoyed our day tour of the Palace of Versailles. I am still in awe of how massive and luxurious it beholds! Walking in the hallways like a royal is something I would never forget in my entire life!

Until then! Log on to for more travel updates. Au revior!



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