Damn, It’s Amsterdam!


Hallo (“HAH low”) everyone! I just had a quick hiatus from all the write ups and felt guilty for not posting anything yet about out trip to the Netherlands. So here you go guys, hang loose and get inspired!

My friends and I decided to visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands since it is included in the Schengen states that we applied for. So we came from Paris from a four-day of gallivanting and decided to hop on a train to get to Amsterdam. Why Amsterdam? It’s way lax than the swamped and touristy Paris and we heard it’s a bit odd from the usual. How odd? Find out why. Here are the things you can expect in this naughty city!

The Train

Oh this marvelous train is a hero to these countries! Imagine you can hop on and hop off from one country to another with just a train? We don’t have that in Southeast Asia, and I think we’ll never will.

We took the Thalys train and boy it was relaxing! I felt like I was riding an airplane; the travel was smooth and there are loos, a minibar inside the train and of course, Wi-Fi!


Tip: Always book tickets prior to taking the train. They need printouts of your stubs and they do random checks anytime, anywhere. Another tip: when the train stops in Belgium, order some waffles; so that even if you haven’t step foot on the Belgian soil, at least you have eaten their staple snack.

The I Amsterdam Sign

Always remember the golden rule to people who travel: If you want zero crowd, arrive early at the place to avoid all the photo bombers in your shots. Below, right, is Jessa and Dominique watching people flocking the sign since we can’t get a decent one. (Sigh).


Tip: You can have a decent one though, try squeezing in between letters and have a portrait shot; the only downside is that the letters won’t be that obvious anymore.

The Museums

If you’re a museum buff unlike us, then you would enjoy the numerous galleries in Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum is the one closest to the I AmSterdam sign and a very famous one. Van Gough, on the other hand is an art museum dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Tip: Again, purchase tickets beforehand so as to avoid the unnecessary queues during your trip.

The Transportation

Have you ever wondered what Amsterdam is famous for? They are famous for their bikes! Not a motored one though, but a pedaled one!

Named as the bicycle capital of the world, Amsterdam has more bikes than their city population. Statistically speaking, there are more than 881,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. That’s four times the number of cars.


Tip: Stay away from bike lanes. There is a higher chance of you getting into a bike accident in Amsterdam. And mind you, they drive fast!

The Houses

Their houses are slender and tall and colored and well maintained. Reason is due to the inherent space restrictions in place and a policy of taxing buildings by the width of their frontage. Thus Amsterdam canal houses were built in a tall-and-skinny style that has made them the signature of the city to this day, but with touches that exude sophistication.


Tip: Walk around the city or bike. I don’t suggest you to take the tram from one place to another. Instead, roam around and dwell on its beauty.

The Red Light District

To those who do not know, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. As well as the green plant they call grass (lol read between the lines). The red light during the night signifies that there is a female worker ready to start her shift. If the curtain closes, then it’s a closed deal.


Tip: Do not even think about taking photographs of the women in the red light district. Respect is still what they need despite their job. Or else you will be spat on, smothered with water or worse, urine.

The Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam is the most watery city in the world. Its canals and harbours fill a full quarter of the city’s surface thus one major tip when going to Amsterdam is to try their canal cruise. I recommend going at night since the lights make the city more alive and it will make the cruise feel dramatic too.


Tip: Always respect nature and never throw any garbage to the canals. It’s something that they take pride of and not any tourist is allowed to destroy that.

So there you go guys! I hope on your next Amsterdam trip you will have a blast! One important reminder to people who visit this place is to be careful with anything you bring home; they might be illegal for your country. Stay informed and be responsible.

Bye guys! Until next time!

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