What We Ate in Paris and Amsterdam


My friends and I went for a short vacay in Paris and Amsterdam last October 2017. The best thing that I was grateful for the entire trip was the weather. It was a perfect autumn sky embellished with cirrus clouds adorning the horizon. The next best thing was, of course, food!

We arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport at around 8am and while we were waiting for our luggage to breeze in, Jessa and I decided to take a bite of our sack lunch which is tadaaaaa – a Jollibee chesseburger!

After arriving at our Airbnb, we decided to wait for our third counterpart and ate at a nearby resto. Since eating healthy is a top priority, we never fail to order salads. Topped with some avocado, chicken for protein and some flower petals. Yes, those red stalks are petals and they’re pretty edible.


Dominique, our third counterpart, was actually from Canada and we decided to meet in Paris. The funny thing is, we were not able to communicate with him since he no longer has wifi, so Jessa and I waited for him at the corner of the street hoping he would show. And yes he actually did! So he joined us for lunch and this is what we ate. Squid rolls, lamb shanks and baguette!

While strutting along the cobblestone rues of Paris, we enjoyed taking a bite of their all time famous crepe, which can be found in stalls almost everywhere and you have the prerogative to sprinkle it with anything. This one is just plain Nutella crepe to appease my satiety.


We had our dinner at Le Bistro Parisien (Port de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, France),  actually hitting three birds in one stone. First, we get to eat and enjoy our sumptuous meal. Second, we relish the experience of floating since the restaurant is on the riverbank specifically on the River Seine. Third, we got the chance of witnessing the Eiffel Tower even until evening where it sparkles. What a perfect way to end our first day!


And since Europe is a continent where rice is barely available, we were left with no choice but to starve. LOL! Kidding aside, we just love salads. Salad with chicken, salad with pork and mung beans, salad and cold cuts. I don’t know whats with that day! Anyway, we ended our meal with a creamy and oh so ever delicious creme brûlée!

Snacks? Oh we love them. We don’t just take coffee or tea for snacks. We prefer them heavy. Baguette with ham and cheese, banana crepe sprinkled with sugar, cheese sandwich and oh macaroons!

And did you know that we eat poisson in Paris? Poisson in french means fish so yeah we ate a lot that night! ;D


Again, crepe is life in this part of the world.


Since I haven’t seen any decent restaurant in Disneyland, we were left with no choice but to eat fast food. Here are our hotdog sandwiches for lunch. Mind you, they don’t come cheap. Bon appetit baby!


Ice cream while waiting for the parade of the stars to start in Paris Disneyland.IMG_5100

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we were given double sized meals with gooey and juicy grubs with frites (fries) on the side! It’s way fatty than the meals we had in Paris, too! Nevertheless, they taste insanely delicious!

Not to mention I have a sweet tooth, but as much as I would like to avoid the delectable treats Amsterdam has in store, I cannot say no. My favorite of course is churros dipped in Nutella and stroopwafel (not in picture though, I ate it)!

We tried cheeses too since they are affluent in Amsterdam. Goat cheese with wasabi? Yes they have it.


To cap it all off, we had good drinks to pair our eats in this city. Beers, especially Heineken, is famous here and you can’t leave without trying some.

These images are posted in memory of the food that we ate and the memories they left behind. ;D Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “What We Ate in Paris and Amsterdam

  1. Wahh 🤤🤤🤤 mouth watering food. I want the lamb shanks and churros!!! Lol, I cant live without eating rice – I always include asian food in the itinerary or cook in airbnb hahaah mas cheap 😬


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