Burj Al Arab: How to Dine Without Hurting Your Pocket



Burj Al Arab, or so-called Tower of the Arabs, is repeatedly voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel and is one of the most famous 5-star hotels in the world. Although it has erroneously described as “the world’s only seven star hotel”, the hotel management claims they have never used it in their advertising.

The hotel stands on an artificial island in Jumeirah and is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. It was always known to be luxurious; from an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, helicopter trips from an iconic helipad, private beach access, luxury leisure on a breathtaking terrace with pools and cabanas as well as some of the world’s best dining venues, the suite-only accommodation offers discreet check-in within your suite. What’s more? They have gold vending machines! No it’s not only plated in gold, the machine dispenses not food or cash but gold itself. Isn’t that the life of the rich and the famous?

So why would we spend something so luxurious when we ourselves weren’t born with a silver spoon? Well, you can still enjoy the ambience and hospitality this hotel can offer. How? Dine with them. In that case, you can enter the hotel, feel like a royalty and eat like a Sheikh or Sheikha, in my case. ;D

Scape Restaurant

First and foremost, this in not a paid advertisement. Lol. I just want to share to everyone how we entered Burj AL Arab less the guilt because of course, we dined with them.

Scape restaurant is by far the most affordable restaurant inside Burj Al Arab. Although they still have pricey menu options, there are still affordable varieties to choose from.


Tip: Always call them beforehand to book an appointment, they do not accept walk ins. Also, save the booking reservation on your phone to show to the security when they ask for a proof of the reservation. No reservation means you need to pay a hefty amount of 300AED for a walk in fee.

The Food

Scape Restaurant and Lounge serves Californian fusion cuisine with an eclectic mix of signature beverages. Pardon me for I failed to take photos of our main entrée, the pizzas. I was too hungry that time that I forgot to take snaps of them. Or maybe I was talking too much since we were amazed of how luxurious the place was! Nevertheless, the dinner was all worth it!

Pizzas for less than 100 AED each? You would never imagine Burj AL Arab to have prices like these! Although there are expensive ones, always remember you are not obliged to order them. The total bill? We paid 900 AED for 5 persons. Not bad though!

Tip: If you have a visa card (debit or credit), use it! They give 20% discount off from your bill. From 900 AED, our bill went down to 700 AED! It was amazing! 

The Ambience

You have two options on where to dine in Scape Restaurant, you can enjoy the windy outdoor or the cozy and relaxing restaurant inside. It was a windy 17 degrees Celsius that time and not a good idea to stay outside so we decided to dine the formal way instead.

IMG_0113.JPGL-R: My Aunt Neofita, My Mama Nida, Me (Celeste), Jessa Dawn and Maria Teresa

LRG_DSC00174.jpgThe view at the lounge where you get to experience “scenic dining” with Burj Al Arab as your background.

The Interiors

After the dinner, you can have a tour around the hotel and feel like a royalty. Details of the hotel? Well, they are mostly etched in Gold!

LRG_DSC00242.jpgThe lobby. It’s quite grand but not as spacious as I have expected it to be.

LRG_DSC00149.jpgEscalator going to the second floor encompasses a glimpse of the Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara Burj Al Arab seafood restaurant.

LRG_DSC00227.jpgSince the hotel is shaped like a sailboat, this is how it looks inside!

LRG_DSC00240.jpgThis is the information desk. Take note, they have a very hospitable staff. Talk about 5-star!

LRG_DSC00204.jpgBehind Jessa are lifts. They are all shining, shimmering and splendid! Although the hotel has 56 floors, you cannot access all of them using this lift. Some floors need the assistance of their personnel before you can enter them.

LRG_DSC00219.jpgA closer look of the golden elevator.

LRG_DSC00223.jpgBehind my mama is another golden elevator that will bring you to a private restaurant where you can dine with an enormous aquarium.

LRG_DSC00159.JPEGThis is the entrance to The Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara Burj Al Arab, a seafood restaurant with an underwater feel thanks to a wall to ceiling aquarium.

LRG_DSC00248LRG_DSC00260Even their tissue box and wet floor signs are gold. I also read that the faucets in their rooms are gold. That is why this hotel is too expensive! One night stay here is around 5,000 AED. No thank you.

How To Reach The Hotel

You can either drive if you own a car or hail a taxi in order to reach the hotel. In my experience, since we were sightseeing at Souk Madinat, we asked the staff on how to reach Burj Al Arab by foot (since it’s only a few meters away). Hola! They offered us to take the buggy car and within minutes, we were enjoying the scenic beachfront of the hotels nearby. On top of that, we have stopovers for some picturesque shots! We just got lucky that day!

So there you have it! I hope I was able to entice you to spend your time in this luxury hotel without hurting your pocket. It’s just the same as dining on other restaurants! So don’t be scared, go get dressed and head on to Burj Al Arab! It’s one experience you will never forget!


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