How To Sponsor Your Family In DUBAI


After I brought my mother here in Dubai for a short holiday, I received queries on how to apply for a visa from the Philippines and all the other requirements related to it. I know it’s quite draining to comply all the necessary archive, that is why I want to make this entry a brief and concise one. So to all my friends and to those who are interested on how to sponsor your family member in Dubai, this one’s for you. 🙂

Step 1. Get A Tourist Visa

You can acquire one by applying online or to any typing centers near you. Some companies like the government ones offer visa services to their employees too – so better check it to your department before proceeding to get one. There are options from a short stay up to a 90-day visa, whichever you prefer.

This, and step 2 can be interchangeable, but I suggest to get a visa first so that you can submit it together with the documents for the consulate.

Step 2. Get An Affidavit Of Support

This is not a UAE requirement though, nor is it an official requirement by the Philippine government. Yet most of the Filipinos get this document to show the immigration officers that their families are eligible to travel as tourists since their sponsor will take care of them while abroad.

Here are the special reminders on getting the affidavit for Filipino nationals as a guarantor:

  • Only those with a minimum monthly salary of AED 3,5000.00 may sponsor a relative or family member.
  • Also note that certain visa categories (HSW’s or those included under labour categories & Dependent visa-Housewife visa ) are not qualified and allowed to sponsor or apply for an ASG (Affidavit of Support and Guarantee).
  • The applicant must be within the 4th degree of consanguinity or affinity – spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew and first cousin ONLY (and in-laws).

A personal appearance of the applicant at the Philippine Consulate together with:

  • (2) Two completed Affidavit of Support and Guarantee Form (they will give you a form, don’t download from the internet since it’s not updated)
  • (2) Two copies of applicant’s passport and residence visa
  • (2) Two copies of passport of the person invited in the UAE
  • (2) Two copies of visit/tourist visa (if applicable)
  • (2) Two copies of proof of relation : (NSO authenticated birth certificate, marriage certificate – must be readable) present the original (optional).
  • Original plus a copy of latest English Salary Certificate with AED 3,500 or more or 2 COPIES of Labour Employment Contract (All documents in Arabic must be legally translated to English)

*The Affidavit of Support processing takes a week and costs AED 100. 

Step 3. Send Your Documents To Your Family Member

Always take note of the number of days for the processing, you might not notice that you will be running out of time, so better process it as early as possible. I sent mine through an international courier and it took a week to delivery (including the weekend). To be economical, you can also ask somebody to bring it with them whey they travel back home.

That’s it! Only three steps! 🙂

But wait, I have reminders to include.

  • Make sure the airline tickets are of the same date of the dates stipulated in the visa.
  • Hotel bookings are not required, if you live in a flat, you can send a copy of the tenancy contract (just to be sure).
  • Make an itinerary of the places you’ll visit.
  • Do me a favor, spend quality time with them.

I hope I helped you on this one, so please if you are interested to bring them in the UAE, do not hesitate, do it now and don’t hesitate to ask me for anything. Until then!

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