About Me

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I am Maria Celeste “Tinggay” Donque, a nurse based in Dubai and hails from the Philippines. I am infatuated with traveling ever since I started working in Dubai since it is accessible for us to apply for visas and I realized that life is short and I am getting old – yes I am almost 30 and I want to fulfill my dream, to take pictures!

Although I never wanted to become a professional photographer, I am contented with blogging. I found the love of content writing after I realized that the photographs I took can be stored as memories and as articles. I am not a literature foolproof, I admit, but I think the greatest adventure and meaning of what I do is the fulfillment and satisfaction that it brings. So head on to my expeditions and I hope I can travel with you too!

This website is a testament to my long kept will to document and unveil the beauty of the world we all live in. This journal also caters lessons about life, love, and tips on just about anything. So enjoy the site and don’t hesitate to ask me about inspiring ideas; I just might want to make a blog out of it. 😉


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