How To Sponsor Your Family In DUBAI

After I brought my mother here in Dubai for a short holiday, I received queries on how to apply for a visa from the Philippines and all the other requirements related to it. I know it's quite draining to comply all the necessary archive, that is why I want to make this entry a brief … Continue reading How To Sponsor Your Family In DUBAI


Burj Al Arab: How to Dine Without Hurting Your Pocket

  Burj Al Arab, or so-called Tower of the Arabs, is repeatedly voted as the world's most luxurious hotel and is one of the most famous 5-star hotels in the world. Although it has erroneously described as "the world's only seven star hotel", the hotel management claims they have never used it in their advertising. … Continue reading Burj Al Arab: How to Dine Without Hurting Your Pocket

Top Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

Sawasdee ka! Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, has lately been coined as the most visited city in the world in 2017 by the Mastercard's Global Destination Cities Index and was named "World's Best City" for four consecutive years by Travel + Leisure magazine. It had 20.2 million international visitors surpassing London, UK with 20 million, Paris, … Continue reading Top Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

What We Ate in Paris and Amsterdam

My friends and I went for a short vacay in Paris and Amsterdam last October 2017. The best thing that I was grateful for the entire trip was the weather. It was a perfect autumn sky embellished with cirrus clouds adorning the horizon. The next best thing was, of course, food! We arrived at Charles … Continue reading What We Ate in Paris and Amsterdam

Damn, It’s Amsterdam!

Hallo ("HAH low") everyone! I just had a quick hiatus from all the write ups and felt guilty for not posting anything yet about out trip to the Netherlands. So here you go guys, hang loose and get inspired! My friends and I decided to visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands since it is included in the … Continue reading Damn, It’s Amsterdam!

My Photo Diary: Paris Disneyland

Hello again readers! Greetings from the happiest place on earth! Since Paris Disneyland is always all fun, I want to indulge you with the photos that we had during our visit. It was an excellent autumn weather; it was not too hot nor too cold. It was absolutely Disney perfect! Disneyland Paris is on their … Continue reading My Photo Diary: Paris Disneyland

Paris: A Quick Travel Guide

Have you ever wondered what it's like to walk on the streets of Paris? Or eat their famous baguette and macaroons? Or better yet dress like a Parisian? Well c'mon and let's get back to how Paris looks like while it's still fresh on my memory. Hi everyone! I am going to briefly give you … Continue reading Paris: A Quick Travel Guide

Château de Versailles Day Tour

Château de Versailles, or simply Versailles, is a royal château in the region of Île-de-France. It is the former French royal residence and centre of government, now a national landmark. Versailles was the seat of political power in the Kingdom of France from 1682, when King Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris, until … Continue reading Château de Versailles Day Tour


Bonjour! (Good morning!) Bonsoir! (Good evening!) My friends and I just came from a week of vacay and I still cannot fathom how or why I came to visit this city of light. Paris was never on my to do list - well, not until now. Here are my top 15 picks of the best … Continue reading TOP 15 BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN PARIS

Travel Guide: Campuestohan Highland Resort and The Ruins

If you are a fan of the outdoors, a nature lover and an adventure freak, you would definitely be thrilled of this 5-hectare tourist destination in Negros Occidental. Located right in the boundaries of Bacolod City and Talisay City, Campuestohan highland resort is a grassy wonderland that not only the children would love and enjoy … Continue reading Travel Guide: Campuestohan Highland Resort and The Ruins